Sunday, 1 March 2009

First Day

Wednesday 25th Feb 2009

Today I completed my first three and a half hours of community work and I really loved it.To start wuth I was really scared how the students would react to someone new coming into their classes, as I rememeber always hating the people who came in to our dramam club back in high school as sixth form, partly because we were nearly the same age. However I had nothing to worry about as the students were very welcoming of me. At 3.30pm I helped run the drama club for year 7 and 8's. They are rehersing for a play by David Almond. To begin with I watched what they had done so far, which to be honest was not much. I then went around the group as they were split into small working groups and given 20 mins to learn a small section of script and perform it to each other. I was really impressed how well they acted considering the amount of time they had. As they rehersed I spoke with the Drama teacher, Pete. He told me a little bit about each students, there was one girl called Jess who hated school due to being builled, and that she only would attend Drama classes. I thought it was really intreasting that drmam was the only subject she felt confident in, maybe because she cuold hde behind dirrent characters as she acted. Then at 5pm untill 7pm I helped with year 9 and 10's, rehering fir the Shakespeare Festival, of which they are doing A Midsummers Dream. To start with they focused on voice games inorder to warm up, which reminded me of rehersals for A Comdey Of Errors, as we played similar games. They then showed me a scnen they had been working on. then in a circle each pupile had to say something they thought worked or did not work. This was a vital ellemnt of the club as everyone worked together on each scene.

I really enjoyed my first few hour and I am looking forward to next week to she the progess of the work. I attend the school evevry Wednesday for three and a half hours.

Shakespeare Festivial

My Role

For my placement I am attending an after school club at a locial high school. From 3.30pm untill 5pm I will be working with year 7 and 8, Then from 5pm untill 7pm working with year 9 and 10 on the Shakespeare School Festivial which will be shown at Fairfeild Hall in Croyden, in October of this year. My role is to help with the rehersal process, directing some scenen , as well as helping with any costume/poster design.