Friday, 20 February 2009

American Drama

American Theatre

For this semister I am doing American Theatre, We as a class are looking into American Immigratation and common trends within the United States. I done some research into Amercian culture looking at social and political views. There community seems completetly different to ours, seemingly on a l;arger scale, yet it does not appear as close. I was intreasted how different places hold differnces in communities and values and meanings towards the idea of communities of people both alike and different to one another.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

I love to DANCE...


my dance partner (Lee) and myself have been asked to do another demonstration during the half term for a carers home in my area. They run event days for the people who live there. All of the people at this articular home have to be over the age of 55 years old, and many don't get out much, In 2006 they built a community hall wherby the residents can use, originally they had just a tv in there. However since them it is frequently used to hold cake sales, fates, bingo, film events. we was approached by the onsite warden,Mary, who asked if we could do a selection of Ballroom and Latin American dances during the afternoon.



Originally I was going to work along side Emily, however we found it hard to find a placement willing for us to work for 40 hours. Therfore we decided to split up as was more easier to find a placement for 20 hours. I contacted many places and was lucky enough to have several replies.
I wanted a challange and decided to work with older children, such as a yourth group or high school, in the end I decided to pick a locial high school within my commnuity.

I am attending a locial High school, running a after school club for year 7-9, and staright after that working with year 11 students, who are rehersing for the Shakespeare festival.
I am starting my hours after the half term, originally I was only going to do 20 hours there however the teacher in charge has asked me if i would like to help out in after school activities gaining more experience and confidence within my role.

I am really looking forward to this project, I have visited the school and had many chats with the teacher in charge about possible ideas for the production.