Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Shakespear Festival

I am working closely with year 10, of which is a very talented year. i was taken back at how talented several of the students are. i was very suprosed to hear that many of the students hate English lit, yet are extreamily good at reading and understanding Shakespeare. I think this class are very lucky to have Pete workibg with them as he really takes time with this particualr group, he is even trying to get several students into the Brits school.

The shakespear School Festival is an arts-education initiative open to students from all bavkgrounds. since 2000 they have put 65,000 11-16 olds from 3,075 secondary schools on stage in 203 professional theatres. each teacher director involves recieves a full-day directors workshop, run for the first time this year by the National Theatre Discovery program. each cast recieves a workshop run by the National Theatre of Great Britian.

Relationship between staff and PUPIL

The students at Stanley Park are all very loveable and very talented and i have noticed the strong bomds and relationships drama has brought into the classrooms. They have a very open and friendly relationship with Pete. I have increasingly noticed how they buy him presents and give him a hug in lesson. I spoke to Pete about it and he said the students have done that since he became a drama teacher, Pete is a former science teacher, the school didi nit o drama so Pete was on a trail basis to save drama, the children all love pete and love drama. To begin with i was uncomfortable about the students hugging me as they started showing me the same affection as they do Pete, often giving me a hug. However i have since become used to the relationship and friendlyness within the classroom. I think it is a good thing to have a happy and welcoming mood to work in as this will encourage the students to work better.

Many students work closely with Pete, for their work experience at the Poker Theatre. Pete preforms alot on stage and has a company of which several of the students have joined since his performnce of Around The World In 80 Days.

starting At Stanley Park High School

To start with i was really scared how the students would react to me, as i remember hating new people coming in to teach when i was in high/sixth form. maybe because we was nearly the same age as the teachers. However i had nothing to worry about as the students were all very nice and welcoming to me.

From 3.30-5pm i run workshops for yr7.8 and 9, who are performing Skellig by David Almond at the end of term to parents and friends. I watched what they had done so far then went around and helped small groups. As the students rehersed i spoke with Pete, the drama teacher in charge. Pete old me a little bit about each student. one girl called Jess hated school dueto being bullied. Dramam was her only way of expressing herself and made her happy.

At 5-7pm i run workshops for year 10, who are rehearsing for The Shakespeare School Festival held in Fairfeild hall, croyden this october. We focused on voice games which reminded me of A Comdey Of Errors rehearsal in second year. They showed me what they had done so far, and i was really impressed with how well they read Shakespear and how talented they were. Myself a Pete gave feedback after each scene which was vital to the progression if the scenes.

Parkside Project

St Pauls community centre runs alot of community projects which is valued within the estaes community. the Parkside Community Project runs parenting workshops, which enabled both future, new and existing parents to meet and share with other parents. the workshop aim is to help find soultions to problems and share and help each other. this is held evry friday morning.

The Parkside Project also runs a scheme called the Befriending scheme, which I think is a valuable and extremely benificial scheme. The scheme consist of a group of volunteers who visit older people in their homes for a chat, cup ot teas, walks, but most importantly roviding company for the elderly people within the community.

The commmunity centre also holds community events every month, which enabled people to met and feel safer in the neighbourhood. They provide a playgroup, youth club and a table tennis club. During the day they provide for the elderly and young and of a evening run youth clubs for the estate teenagers.

I have joined the Befriending scheme as i think its a really constructive scheme and i spend alot of time at St Pauls community centre training with my dance coach. therfore i see and have become friends with the people on the estate. The volunteers consisit of a variety of ages which is nice, especially as two of the volunteers are two boys from the youth club. I wish thay had a scheme like this in my community.