Wednesday, 29 October 2008

First Lesson 02/10/08 'What makes a community?'


'what makes a community?'

Hello! I have missed the first two weeks of community theatre, as many people know my dad is ill and for his 60th birthday we all went away during his break from treatment. Therefore I have missed some vita lessons about communities. I have had a look at other peoples blogs and from what I've read the first lesson dated 02/10/08 was about 'what makes a community?' .

About My Community:

I come from a small community in Morden Surrey, south London. I went to a Community high school in the area, which was an underachieving school that the community raised awareness of. Prior to it's re-opening the community complained that they felt unsafe due to the schools reparation. The police were called out every day about fights, abusive behaviour on each other and towards the members of the public. The people within the community also stated that the pupils looked untidy and uniforms reflected the no-hope attitude of both the school and the area. Several meetings took place and in the end it was said a new school would be opened under new rules and teachers. Our community actually designed both the name and uniform of the new school which was to be called Bishopsford Community School. A new headmaster was employed and had two years to bring the school up to standard or it was to be closed down and become flats. The idea of the community working together and having a input with the design of the school was fundamental to our community as it brought people together and it also built up the population of the first year pupils. Despite its negative reparationI left with ten GCSE from A*-D, however the majority of pupils left with little qualifications and added to the ever growing list of underachievers. The high school is still open today but faces the same problems as it did when I was studying there. However within the community, meetings are held to raise problems about the school and since then various problems have been solved.

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