Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I found this story on the GMTV's website about a woman who named and shamed her own son inregards to binge drinking, the full story is shown below:

Warning for teen bingers Binge drinking

Sue Strom has named and shamed her son for binge drinking as a warning to others. Would you do the same?
A mother has released a photograph of her seriously ill son who at just 13 could barely breathe after drinking up to a litre bottle of vodka in a park. Sue Strom, from Brighton decided to release the picture as a warning to other youngsters and their parents. Jack was very close to death and his mother wants to warn other parents and teenagers of the perils of binge drinking.When she arrived at hospital, Jack was attached to an oxegen mask and was fighting alcohol poisoning and hypothermia. She has been a wreck ever since and is having trouble sleeping at night.
Sussex police issued a warning to all teenagers and confirmed they were trying to trace and prosecute the person who purchased the drink.
They have been cracking down on underage drinking and last week a local Tesco Express store was banned from selling any alcohol for a month after being caught selling to 15 and 16 year olds.
Since Labour have been in power, the number of children being treated for alcohol-related illnesses have increased by a third, with girls and boys in their late teens that are being treated for cirrhosis.

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