Sunday, 15 February 2009



Originally I was going to work along side Emily, however we found it hard to find a placement willing for us to work for 40 hours. Therfore we decided to split up as was more easier to find a placement for 20 hours. I contacted many places and was lucky enough to have several replies.
I wanted a challange and decided to work with older children, such as a yourth group or high school, in the end I decided to pick a locial high school within my commnuity.

I am attending a locial High school, running a after school club for year 7-9, and staright after that working with year 11 students, who are rehersing for the Shakespeare festival.
I am starting my hours after the half term, originally I was only going to do 20 hours there however the teacher in charge has asked me if i would like to help out in after school activities gaining more experience and confidence within my role.

I am really looking forward to this project, I have visited the school and had many chats with the teacher in charge about possible ideas for the production.

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