Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Reminiscence Theatre lesson - Preparation Lesson

We begin preparation for the arrival of our two guests, who are coming to talk and re-call past memories. Tina is going to bring a variety of props and costumes in to the lesson, therefore to encourage the guest to remember and talk about icon moments to them. The costumes will also aid as a mental stimulus which will help our guests to recall past memories. Once they have talked about the past and we have asked questions Mark, Molly and Tina will then take them off somewhere for a drink or tour of the university, and we will have half an hour to try and re-create and perform their past memories and perform them to them. I am really looking forward to doing this exercise, however I am slightly nervous about taking there stories and re-creating them. The most daunting part is that we will be performing them back to them. However I am looking forward to see what they think and feel towards our interpretation of the stories.

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