Wednesday, 13 May 2009

starting At Stanley Park High School

To start with i was really scared how the students would react to me, as i remember hating new people coming in to teach when i was in high/sixth form. maybe because we was nearly the same age as the teachers. However i had nothing to worry about as the students were all very nice and welcoming to me.

From 3.30-5pm i run workshops for yr7.8 and 9, who are performing Skellig by David Almond at the end of term to parents and friends. I watched what they had done so far then went around and helped small groups. As the students rehersed i spoke with Pete, the drama teacher in charge. Pete old me a little bit about each student. one girl called Jess hated school dueto being bullied. Dramam was her only way of expressing herself and made her happy.

At 5-7pm i run workshops for year 10, who are rehearsing for The Shakespeare School Festival held in Fairfeild hall, croyden this october. We focused on voice games which reminded me of A Comdey Of Errors rehearsal in second year. They showed me what they had done so far, and i was really impressed with how well they read Shakespear and how talented they were. Myself a Pete gave feedback after each scene which was vital to the progression if the scenes.

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