Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Parkside Project

St Pauls community centre runs alot of community projects which is valued within the estaes community. the Parkside Community Project runs parenting workshops, which enabled both future, new and existing parents to meet and share with other parents. the workshop aim is to help find soultions to problems and share and help each other. this is held evry friday morning.

The Parkside Project also runs a scheme called the Befriending scheme, which I think is a valuable and extremely benificial scheme. The scheme consist of a group of volunteers who visit older people in their homes for a chat, cup ot teas, walks, but most importantly roviding company for the elderly people within the community.

The commmunity centre also holds community events every month, which enabled people to met and feel safer in the neighbourhood. They provide a playgroup, youth club and a table tennis club. During the day they provide for the elderly and young and of a evening run youth clubs for the estate teenagers.

I have joined the Befriending scheme as i think its a really constructive scheme and i spend alot of time at St Pauls community centre training with my dance coach. therfore i see and have become friends with the people on the estate. The volunteers consisit of a variety of ages which is nice, especially as two of the volunteers are two boys from the youth club. I wish thay had a scheme like this in my community.

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