Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Shakespear Festival

I am working closely with year 10, of which is a very talented year. i was taken back at how talented several of the students are. i was very suprosed to hear that many of the students hate English lit, yet are extreamily good at reading and understanding Shakespeare. I think this class are very lucky to have Pete workibg with them as he really takes time with this particualr group, he is even trying to get several students into the Brits school.

The shakespear School Festival is an arts-education initiative open to students from all bavkgrounds. since 2000 they have put 65,000 11-16 olds from 3,075 secondary schools on stage in 203 professional theatres. each teacher director involves recieves a full-day directors workshop, run for the first time this year by the National Theatre Discovery program. each cast recieves a workshop run by the National Theatre of Great Britian.

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